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  • Hi Hadar from GrantWriterTeam, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how fantastic of a women you are, you display such wonderful phone professionalism and have such a subtle calmness that truly explemfies your business nature, you look into matters and have them resolved at the time that you say that you are and you always follow through ensuring the grant writer that the issue has been solved. You truly are a asset to the grant writer profession and it would have been nice to be able to work with you in the physical setting. Thank you for all that you do

    - S.W
  • I have had many job assignments in my long career, but none as challenging, intriguing and professionally rewarding as being a part of the Grantwriter Team. I have to bid for clients and quickly develop the rapport and respect necessary to begin finding relevant grants. I thoroughly enjoy the passion, commitment to their goals and hope for a grant that each client brings to our joint challenge. I further enjoy the exceptional support I get from the Grantwriter "home team" who always carefully monitors my work and progress to a successful grant. What a great team effort with the anticipated outcome of clients with multiple grant funding.

    - Q.N
  • A grant means to get new clients for independent writers! GrantWriterTeam has been a meaningful partner in my endeavors to expand my clientele. Thank you, Libby!

    - T.P
  • If I had the capacity to write a blank check to help all those in world I would. But I can't. So, I am very grateful to GrantWriterTeam for affording me the opportunity to help so many incredible organizations raise the vital funds to help those in need!

    - M.J
  • I am an independent international grant writer. Working for GrantWatch has been wonderful. I highly recommend it.

    - ZJF
  • I couldn't run my business without the amazing variety and range of grant information that GrantWatch provides. The search features allow me to pinpoint my clients interests and the ability to email them directly to my mail and put them on my calendar ensures that I don't miss an opportunity.

    - SC