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Frequently Asked Questions

At GrantWriterTeam, we match grant seekers with highly skilled professional grant writers.

How Can I Contact the GrantWriterTeam?

We are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm EST. You can reach us during business hours at (561) 249-4129.

Otherwise, please email us at or fill out our contact form on our

What Does GrantWriterTeam Do?

GrantWriterTeam is a premier service for matching grant seekers with grant writers. GrantWriterTeam is the ideal place for locating funding opportunities and finding seasoned, qualified professional grant writers to suit your needs, and significantly raise the chances of being awarded grants you are seeking.

How Does GrantWriterTeam Work?

Submit your request for a grant writer on our website:

There is a $50 administrative fee to begin the process. (Read Terms & Conditions).

Once your application is uploaded, our grant writers will ‘bid’ on your job request and the quotes will be sent to you through the portal via email – (please check your spam/junk folder). You are able to view the grant writer’s expertise and accept the writer of your choice. Together, you and the grant writer are able to negotiate the contract with a list of deliverables. As each deliverable is completed, the files are uploaded to the GrantWriterTeam portal by the writer, and payment is made. Once the payment is made, you will be able to download and review the deliverable (file).

What Makes GrantWriterTeam Different?

The GrantWriterTeam assures that all work is completed in a timely manner. GrantWriterTeam also allows grant writers to bid on the jobs that suit them, allowing grant seekers to find the professionals they feel comfortable working with based on their areas of expertise and pricing.

Who Should Hire a Grant Writer?

☞ Nonprofits
☞ Schools & Universities
☞ Faith-based Organizations
☞ Government Agencies
☞ Businesses & Startups
☞ Individuals

What is the Success Rate of the GrantWriterTeam?

Our writers are experts at researching and writing grants. Our grant writers have all been awarded at least 3 grants previously, and exhibit a high rate of success. Success rates range from 70% to 92% depending on which writer you choose and their expertise. Regardless, our experienced grant writers greatly increase the chances of clients being awarded the funding they seek.

Can I See Examples of GrantWriterTeam’s Success?

We are very proud of our highly skilled professional grant writers. Our grant writers are successful in being awarded federal, state, local, foundation and corporate funding grants, as well as contracts and resources. You can view grants recently awarded on our website: writing-success.php

How Much is it to Hire a Grant Writer?

Our GrantWriterTeam rates start from $40 USD per hour for research, writing, and curriculum development. Alternatively, a flat rate can be negotiated with your chosen grant writer for your project. Grant writing fees vary according to the grant writer’s experience and expertise and the economy of the location where the grant writer resides.

How Payment Works:

  1. The grant writers will respond with bids for your project; and include their expertise, past experience, writing samples, references, and their history of previously awarded grants.
  2. You can accept a grant writer whose bid suits your budget and needs.
  3. After you accept a grant writer, they will be given your contact information and will contact you by your preferred method of phone and/or email.
  4. Together, you and the grant writer will be able to set up an online contract and a series of deliverables for your project.
  5. Approve the contract, pay the agreed-upon retainer and your grant writer will start your project.

How Does the Payment Work After I Sign the Contract?

The retainer needs to be paid before the grant writer is able to commence work on the first deliverable. Once the work is completed for the set deliverable, the grant writer will upload their work, and then you are required to pay. Then the grant writer will begin work for the next deliverable, and so forth until completion.

What is the Retainer Fee and is it an Additional Payment?

The retainer fee is not an additional charge. The retainer is a part of the total amount charged for the project. It is there to ensure that the client pays for the contract.

How Do I Hire a Grant Writer?

Submit your request for a grant writer on our website:

There is a $50 administrative fee to begin the process.

  1. Fill out the Request a Grant Writer Form
  2. Receive quotes from grant writers
  3. Review awarded grants, writing samples, and rates
  4. Choose the writer that meets your needs It’s that easy!

Make sure to include what your business/nonprofit/or you as an individual does, and not just what is needed. For example, stating you are ‘rebuilding a building’ is not enough, You need to explain that you are an orphanage that takes care of orphans from ages 0-14. The grant writers need to know what type of organization/business/individual you are so they can determine whether or not to bid on your request.

How Do I See My Bids?

You will have an email sent to you each time a bid is submitted and approved. You will then have the option to view the bid and then to click ‘ Accept Bid ’ if you find that the bid is accepted.

Furthermore, when logged into the GrantWriterTeam portal, you can click on ‘My Writer Request’ and then select ‘Bid List’ to view all the bids submitted on your writer request.

Please accept a bid ASAP so that your grant writer can begin the process of getting your project funded. If we see that no bid has been accepted for a while, we will email you an expiration warning Thus, a bid will need to be accepted before that deadline date or the writer request will expire.

How Do I See My Contract?

When logged into GrantWriterTeam, click ‘My Writer Request’ and then select ‘View My Contract’. If any changes are needed, click on ‘Please make some changes to this request’ and the grant writer will be able to edit the contract and the deliverables for you. Once you agree upon the contract, click on ‘I Approve This Contract’ to sign the contract.

How Long Until a Grant Writer Accepts My Bid?

Each writer’s request is different and it varies. If your request receives no bids after 72 hours, we will send out your job on our social media pages. Our grant writers are notified daily via email of any new and existing jobs.

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to getting you started and nding the perfect t for your needs.